Follow Santa Claus: a magical journey through downtown

2 minutes

Montreal centre-ville

This year, Santa Claus is asking for the childrens’ valuable help!

From November 21 until December 28, free activities, filled with challenges, good humour and with gifts to be won, will be held in the heart of downtown, on the legendary Saint-Catherine Street!

Follow Santa Claus Pass

With the Santa Claus Pass, you will have all the information you need to help Santa Claus and Rudolph, his reindeer, and ensure a wonderful holiday season downtown! Find the pass here and choose one of the two trails to experience magical moments with the whole family (or both, to double the fun!).

Journey of the Mischievous Elves

You know, elves are rather playful beings! They hid Santa’s clothes in different places downtown, more precisely, in 13 businesses on Saint-Catherine Street! Indeed, they took advantage of Santa’s nap to remove his clothes, which were drying in the wind, from the clothesline, and hid them!

You will find in the Santa Claus Pass many clues to lead you to his suspenders, his boots and even his hat! Under each garment, there is a letter that has been inscribed. If you find all the letters, you will be able to form a complete word, which will give you the chance to win multiple prizes!

Rudolph’s mission

Rudolph’s mission is to ensure a successful take-off of Santa’s sleigh every year. To do this, he must bring together four essential elements of nature: air, earth, water and fire. This year, Rudolph needs your help: discover the path he has taken to find these elements! Meet near Santa’s sleigh, in front of Complexe Desjardins, and use your knowledge of Montreal to carry out this mission!

A fun and informative activity which, if completed successfully, will give you 3 numbers to record in the Santa Claus Pass!

A multitude of gifts to win!

By filling out the coupon in the online Santa Claus Pass and entering all the answers found for both activities, you have the chance to win many prizes! Each week, for one month, you could have the chance to win a prize in a random draw, worth $1 000 in gift certificates from downtown businesses. More than $20 000 available to win as part of the Follow Santa Claus Pass!