20 years downtown!

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Montreal centre-ville

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The Destination Centre-Ville Commercial Development Association is turning 20. Here are some of the major milestones that marked Canada’s largest commercial development company.

1999 :  Founding of Destination Centre-Ville

The SDC Destination centre-ville is founded. In 1999, Destination centre-ville takes over the Santa Claus Parade, a tradition 69 years strong. Each year, 300,000 people attend and more than 1,000,000 watch TVA’s live TV broadcast.


Destination centre-ville is mandated with organizing Sainte-Catherine Street Celebrates, the summer shopping destination: for 3 days straight, Sainte-Catherine’s becomes exclusively a pedestrian zone, more than 100 merchants participate, and over 400,000 people take part in the festivities each year.

2001 : Creation of a cleaning brigade

Creation of a cleaning brigade that strolls the downtown streets 365 days a year, picking up trash, planting greenery, and removing snow from the main arteries. The team is made up of employees recruited from social reintegration programs.


2006 : Montréal centre-ville and the Christmas Activity Guide

Creation, production and distribution of Montréal Centre-Ville magazine (45,000 copies distributed in Montreal and Toronto 4 times a year) and the Christmas Activities Guide (400,000 copies distributed everywhere in the Greater Montreal region near the holidays).

2007 : Social mediation

Destination centre-ville establishes a partnership with YMCA Dialogue, a frontline intervention service dedicated to supporting the city’s marginalized population.

2009 : Montréal centre_ville Awards

Creation and implementation of the Montréal centre_ville Awards to celebrate those who help make downtown shine.

Remise des prix Montreal Centre-Ville ; Club St-James, 1145 Avenue Union, Montreal ; 2016-09-13
Remise des prix Montreal Centre-Ville ; Club St-James, 1145 Avenue Union, Montreal ; 2016-09-13

2010 : SPVM’s cadets

Destination centre-ville recruits a team of cadets from the SPVM during the summer months to ensure pedestrian safety, especially at major intersections.

2014 : Downtown’s back alleys

Destination centre-ville takes over downtown’s back alleys to promote healthy lifestyles.


2017 : Peace Medal

The YMCAs of Québec award Destination Centre-Ville with a Peace Medal in the Corporate Peace Initiative category for its commitment to making downtown Montreal a better place to live.

2019 : Sainte-Catherine Street

This year marks the beginning of the new Sainte-Catherine Street.  Another new project : the launch of Petit Montréal, an ephemeral place of expression and relaxation where anyone can go to forget about all the repair work being done to our city!

Follow us to discover all the projects that will take place in downtown Montreal starting in 2020!