4 cultural initiatives to revive our city center

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Montreal centre-ville

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Culture is an essential tool to help revive cities and metropolises. In addition to connecting and uniting communities, it also makes city centers more attractive.

The culture in service of the economic relaunch


Downtown Montreal is a world-class city center for workers, residents and tourists. Cultural and creative sectors play an important role in global positioning and just like other metropolises, downtown Montreal wants to use culture as an additional tool for recovery.

Other large cities are also putting cultural and artistic activities at the heart of their come back stategies :


The area of Paris La Défense has many public works of art and has also developed the interactive platform Paris La Défense Open Gallery. Three path are proposed all year along to discover or rediscover this open-sky museum which Paris La Défense is, therefore affirming the district as a cultural destination.


London has always relied on two pillars in its development: trade and culture. In February, the City of London announced that its creative sector has a huge role to play in its revival plan implicating the Culture & Commerce Taskforce. The organization has published a report titled “Fuelling Creative Renewal” which lays the groundwork for a partnership between the business and cultural sectors.

New York

Closer to us, the Times Square Alliance is counting on numerous cultural and artistic activities to revitalize the sector and promote economic and commercial development. For example, Love Letters from a Soft Firm initiative, which reuses plywood that once covered the facades of certain New York buildings as a symbol of love and solidarity.

These various cultural and artistic initiatives around the world clearly highlight the essential role of culture as playing a part in the revival of our city centers.

Adaptation of the cultural and creative sector


For over a year now, the world has dramatically changed as for the way we work, learn and interact. As we enter a new era, the way art and culture embodies our cities to bring communities together is transforming. Since the pandemic, artistic and cultural initiatives aimed to create bonds between people had to evolve and be reinvented in order to adapt to our current reality.

With mandatory social distancing, many have turned to a medium that has often been singled out for its contribution to social isolation : new technologies. In a world where relationships develop at a distance, virtual technologies become a popular solution for artists who want to recreate a sense of collective belonging.

Since then, several initiatives have been either created and/or adapted to revive the city center, establishing a strong virtual communication between community members.

Luminothérapie : Cœur Battant

This year, the Luminothérapie experience is transformed into a journey of luminous, interactive and contemplative art works in Quartier des Spectacles.

Montréal en lumière

Exclusive menus, special packages and unique hotel experiences… This year, Montréal en Lumière is taking place online and in the form of a gastronomic immersion, presented in collaboration with the Casino de Montréal.

Festival Art Souterrain 2021 : Chronometry

« Making, reinventing, communicating, laughing and loving in an increasingly rapid paced world, such is the mantra of a modernity which never ceases to shrink time, our time. »

Art Souterrain presents its 13th edition from February 20 to April 30, 2021. The art works will be accessible free of charge and at all times.

Inspirations – Oasis Immersion

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