Art at the heart of urban life

2 minutes

Julie Perreault

Montreal is known for vibrating to the sounds of its many music festivals, but it also shines with the various works of art featured around town.

See the business core differently

Where the business world and arts come together by Art Public Montréal is a circuit featuring 18 masterpieces, including the sculptures Éolienne V by Charles Daudelin, La Joute by Jean-Paul Riopelle, and Le grand Jean-Paul by Roseline Granet.

Furthermore, one of the oldest pieces in Montreal is found in the neighbourhood: the statue of Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon. Created in 1750 by Dieudonné-Barthélémy Guibal, this statue now resides at the World Trade Centre Montreal.

More to the north, the Walk among the skyscrapers, also by Art Public Montréal, circuit also shows the downtown core in a brand-new light, with its two dozen sculptures, monuments, and murals embellishing this sector dominated by buildings.

Included in this circuit is the McCord Museum, an institution dedicated to history and protecting Canadian heritage. The museum contributes three pieces to this walking tour: the mural Imaginaire abstrait by artist 1010, as well as the sculptures Totem urbain/Histoire en dentelles by Pierre Granche and Inukshuk by Jusipi Nalukturuk.

Going east, the Quartier des spectacles circuit features a dozen pieces in the heart of the downtown core. This lot includes the sculpture Où boivent les loups by Stephen Schofield, the sculpture Mouvements by Dominique Blain, and the installation L’artiste est celui qui fait voir l’autre côté des choses by Claude Bettinger.


Interact with passers-by

This past October, the district welcomed a creation by new media art studio IregularOUR COMMON HOME—a world premiere. This circuit included interactive experiences consisting of projections on four buildings in the neighbourhood.

When hotel and art come together

For many years now, several hotels—many of which are located in downtown Montreal—have integrated various pieces of art into their buildings, as well as on their land and infrastructures. These include:

Humaniti hotel

Where 11 pieces of art are displayed in the brand-new hotel complex and the offices of Cogir, a Humaniti project partner. Outside, visitors and pedestrians can admire a colourful sculpture by Marc Séguin, H Anima, made of bronze and aluminum. However, there are also murals, acrylics, pictures, and other installations at various places within the hotel.

Le Germain Hotel Montreal

Since last summer, a beautiful, 171-feet-high mural featuring 80 colours completely transformed Le Germain Hotel Montreal into a real gem brightening up the downtown core. Named Dazzle my heart, this mural was created by artist Michelle Hoogveld.

The Four Seasons Hotel Montreal

Inside the atrium of the Four Seasons Montreal stands a stunning sculpture by artist Pascale Girardin. Inspired by nature, the floral creation, named Contemplation, is made of aluminum dyed in white, with 24-karat gold accents

Hôtel Monville

The hotel’s interior, including the hall, mezzanine, and gym, was used to display a huge picture mural created by artist Valérie Jodoin Keaton and representing Montreal’s history. The piece spans some 4,300 sq.ft.

In short, art fans and fanatics need not look very far. As Italian Quebecer multi-disciplinary artist Vittori Fioruccu would say, “art is all around us.”