COVID-19 useful resources

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Montreal centre-ville

Several resources are made available by different organizations and companies in order to help you to find solutions in this context.

The Chamber of commerce of Montreal metropolitain
The Chamber has created a expert squad to answer your questions.


The Canadian Federation of Independent Business
The CFIB has also created an help centre specifically for small business


Québec government
Québec government has created an online and interactive tool to guide you to programs and helps depending your situation.


The city of Montreal and PME MTL
The city’s advisors specialized in economic development as well as PME MTL’s experts are always available for you in this particular time


L’Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés
Following the different measures taken by the Québec government since March, 13th, the Ordre has decided to publish a guide for employers and workers regarding human resources in a pandemic period. To read this guide, clic here (in French only)
You also can watch the online formation from March, 23th (in French only)


Free legal advice clinic
On the minister of Justice’s initiative, in collaboration with the general attorney of Québec and the bâtonnier of Québec, a free legal advice clinic has been created. The clinic is reachable via a telephone line open monday to friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. To learn more about it, clic here.


A management guide regarding the business continuity for small and medium companies in Québec
A guide from the Québec governement is available to maintain your business operations in the event of a disaster. To read this guide (in French only)


Détail Formation
A guide offering several recommendations and marketing strategies to build up in pandemic time. To read more about it (in French only)


FAQs regarding workers rights duing COVID-19
The UQAM’s law faculty has developed an online FAQs to answer all questions regarding workers rigts affected by COVID-19. To read more about the FAQ (in French only)