Downtown’s public construction sites

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This FAQ aims to answer your most common questions about downtown’s main construction sites.

Your questions, our answers !

If you encounter specific issues regarding construction sites, we invite you to contact Rami M’Rad, Montréal centre-ville’s Member services coordinator at

Please note that this FAQ is for guidance only. In the event a difference arises regarding the meaning herein, the regulations and guidelines issued by the parties in charge shall prevail as the official authority.

Construction projects for Sainte-Catherine and Peel are managed by the City of Montreal. For all information regarding these projects, we invite you to consult this website explaining the Peel site (in FRENCH only) and/or this website about the St-Catherine West project.

Yes. The contractor responsible for the work will be in charge of maintaining access to businesses at all times during business hours.

To obtain information about construction sites or activities around construction sites, we invite you to subscribe to the City of Montreal’s St-Catherine project newsletter at the following address : subscribe to the St-Catherine newsletter (in FRENCH only).

There is also a neighborhood committee specially deployed for companies impacted by construction sites, which aims to :

  • provide information on the progress of projects and the issues encountered;
  • communicate traffic impacts;
  • give regular updates on the next stages of the projects.

For support, contact the St-Catherine West project liaison officer at the following address:

Liaison officer, St-Catherine West project

Phone (weekdays) : (514) 867-9339

Evening and weekends : 311

To contact the person in charge of the Peel project, send an email to the following address :

Montréal centre-ville offers coaching sessions in collaboration with Détail Formation to discuss various construction-related issues.

You can also consult the guide “Préparer son commerce avant les travaux de réfection de la rue commerciale” (in FRENCH only) by contacting our Member services coordinator, Rami M’Rad, at the following address :

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter in which we regularly communicate information regarding the sites, tools at your disposal and upcoming information sessions. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter!

Yes, there is a Financial assistance program for businesses affected by major construction.

The maximum financial assistance available is of $40,000 per year. Certain conditions apply.

Eligible businesses are establishments engaged in retail sales, product allocation or the provision of services to consumers in a sector designated by an order of the executive committee. Certain commercial activities are excluded from the program, so to know the sectors of intervention, consult the ordinance here (in FRENCH only).

You’d like to know more about the financial assistance program for businesses affected by major construction? Check out our brochure here!

Yes. The “PRAM – Sainte-Catherine” is a program that financially supports merchants affected by the work on St-Catherine West street who wish to renovate the exterior or interior of their business.

Financial support can cover up to 40% of the cost of eligible work ranging from $50,000 to $300,000 per building depending on its size. You can also obtain an additional subsidy to cover 50% of professional interior design fees, ranging from $4,000 to $20,000 per renovation project, depending on the size of the building.

To know more, click here.

To stay in the loop, we suggest you subscribe to electronic work notices, which will inform you of the times when water and/or electricity cuts will be necessary for the smooth running of the site.

 To subscribe, click here (in FRENCH only).

You can also receive notifications on your phone by subscribing to notifications and alerts.

We invite you to contact and communicate your issues with the project’s liaison officer :

We invite you to contact and communicate your issues directly with the project’s liaison officer:

Frances Stober

We also suggest you follow the latest updates by regularly consulting their website or by subscribing to their alerts.

To find out about the parking lots available near your business or construction site, we encourage you to download the P$ Montréal Centre-Ville app developed by the Agence de mobilité durable. This application will list available parking spaces in real time.

To download the app on IOS

To download the app on Android

You can also browse all available private and paid parking downtown by consulting our online directory here.

We invite you to contact the leader or manager of the site in question. If that isn’t possible, you can contact 311 or our Member services coordinator, Rami M’Rad, at the following email address : 

Traffic detours and commercial delivery areas have been planned to mitigate the impacts of construction sites. You’ll find a map on the City of Montreal website that shows you this information and updates.