Éric Lefebvre, Director General of the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles

2 minutes

Montreal centre-ville

The Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles (PQDS) has nominated Éric Lefebvre as director general, mandating him with planning cultural and animation activities in the city’s public spaces. Quite the challenge given the current situation.

What is your role and the pqds’s role?

First of all, it’s important to understand that the Quartier des spectacles (QDS) is divided into two main entities. On the one hand, you have all the concert halls and cultural spaces where the PQDS plays an essential federative role. We’re talking 33 halls and 80 cultural spaces within one square kilometre. Then there’s all the public spaces and animations. The “invisible” part is the most important part—managing the teams that work within this territory, which yes, is a local destination, but a national and international one as well.

How will you accomplish that given the current context?

We are obviously in a period of great change, but it’s temporary. One of the biggest challenges is convincing people to come to QDS to enjoy experiences that are more interesting than staying at home, all while providing them with a safe, government-compliant environment in which to do this. Like many people who work in the tourism industry, we have learned to adapt to the health and safety restrictions. We have come up with immersive pedestrian circuits and street exhibitions. QDS partners, broadcasting spaces, and festivals have also done their part to offer virtual, online cultural activities. The truth is, we might be in and out of confinement for a while. Thus, we need to rethink our operational models in order to be able to navigate these times, both quickly and agilely.

Are you still optimistic, regardless?

I’m optimistic because crises often bring about new, innovative periods. The key here is “mutual aid.” Restaurateurs, bar owners, hoteliers, and cultural players need to come together. It’s our job to strengthen the bonds between all these players and optimize the customer experience while we’re at it.