Frédéric Loury, Founder and general manager of Art Souterrain

1 minutes

Emilie Vallières

Frederic Loury

In 2009, Frédéric Loury founded Art Souterrain, a non-profit organization that brings contemporary art experiences to unusual areas. He gives visibility to both up-and-coming and known artists and reaches a vast audience of people who are unfamiliar with contemporary art.

How has art souterrain adapted to the forced closure of artistic venues as the result of the pandemic?

Art Souterrain benefited from the clo­sures; we showcase our projects outside establishments and galleries. We offer experiences in public places and vacant spaces. The closures were never a big concern to us.

Tell us about the artistic value of Montréal souterrain.

The underground network is more than just a commercial and transit space. This unusual territory is under utilized. It spans some 32 kilometres, a dozen of which can be used for art. Imagine a 10-kilometre museum; it’s absolutely possible as long as there is interest and mobilization in the real estate sector. We have the necessary talent—in digital arts, visual arts, and artificial intelligence—to design an exceptional program for the 200,000 people who pass through every day

“The underground network is more than just a retail and transit space, it’s also a one-of-a-kind territory that is under exploited.”

What do you have planned for this summer?

With our Créer des ponts project we will be transforming some 30 vacant shops into workshops and exhibi­tion spaces. We will also create ten artist projects presented in glass cubes (about 1.5 x 1.5 m each); they will be installed at various spots in the area spanning between Berri and Atwater. The cubes and vacant spaces turned workshop will be accessible to the public from June 15 to November 30, 2021.

Visit the project Créer des ponts