The favourite hot spots of… Mathieu Grondin

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Montreal centre-ville

MATHIEU GRONDIN Directeur général de MTL 24/24

What’s your ideal itinerary for the perfect night on the town?

A bite to eat at Café Parvis, drinks at Furco, and an outing at Place des Festivals.

What other metropolis should Montreal’s nightlife be inspired by?

Berlin, of course! What other city has managed to reconcile its 24/7 nightlife offer with an attractive quality of life for families? That should be our objective here too!

What’s your favourite night-time view of downtown?

Coming into the city via the Champlain Bridge.

What terrace are you looking forward to celebrating on?

Usually, when I celebrate, it tends to be later than 11 p.m. Could we maybe consider keeping terraces open until bars close, at least in certain dedicated areas? That would be great on warm summer nights!

In just a few words, how would you describe downtown Montreal to a stranger?

I would say it’s a human-sized industrial sector filled with things to discover and a strong potential for growth, a place where cultural and commercial offerings would benefit from a 24/7 development plan!