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Funding for commercial real estate renovations program

The PRAM – Sainte-Catherine was designed to support Phase 1 of the Sainte-Catherine West project. The program’s goals are to make Sainte-Catherine Street West and its surrounding area more enticing, to retain customers, and to attract new ones.

Funding for commercial real estate renovation has been made available to merchants and building owners in order to boost investment in the private sector and help highlight our built heritage, especially building facades. The City of Montreal provides financial support that targets business design, both interior and exterior, as well as projects such as storefront renovation, modernization, and shop fitting. This financial support can cover 40% of admissible costs ranging from $50,000 to $300,000 per building, depending on its layout. You can also receive an additional grant to cover 50% of the cost of designers’ fees ranging from $4,000 to $20,000 per renovation, depending on the building’s layout.


Until August 16th, 2021 you can make a deposit for your demand

To learn more about this plan, download the ordinance here.

Financial assistance program for businesses affected by major construction work

The program is currently under review. For more information please contact us at

To know more, download our documentation (under review).