Program PAF!

The financial assistance program (or PAF!) is an initiative developed by the SDC Montréal centre-ville to support organizations and initiatives in the sector.

To improve its services and support, the SDC adopted its 2019-2023 strategic plan with one ambition: to be recognized as a high-impact partner for the development of downtown Montreal. From this strategic planning was born the PAF!, a financial program voted in assembly which aims to establish ceilings and define the criteria for the SDC’s financial contributions.

This program is made up of four parts with precise criteria for each one:

  • Part 1: Festivals and events
  • Part 2: Development of public space
  • Part 3: Services

Amount of financial aid:

The amount of financial aid is set by evaluating the amount of demand with a maximum of $25,000 per year per proposed project. An organization can received a maximum of $50,000 in financial aid per year. Montréal centre-ville will accept projects for the current year until the budget envelope is empty.

How to apply

To be considered, a promoter’s application form must contain the following elements:

  • The duly completed and signed  application form;
  • The project’s detailed provisional budget; including the presentation of a detailed financial structure demonstrating a diversification of public, private and autonomous sources of funding, and testifying to a balanced budget (ability to manage and maintain a stable financial situation). You must also include the amount of your request in the budget as well as the use you want to make of the funds;
  • A project presentation document that satisfies the eligibility requirements;
  • A copy of the organization’s letters patent of incorporation or a proof of the company’s incorporation;
  • The project’s communication plan,
  • The visibility plan offered to Montréal centre-ville;
  • Exclusively for Part 1 and for events longer than three years: A copy of studies covering customers’ geographic origin, tourist traffic, and economic impact conducted by an independent firm, completed not more than three years ago ( if need be).
  • The activity report from the last edition of the event (if need be)
  • The last financial report of the event and / or the financial statements of your organization.

All documentation must be sent to:

To: Selma Emna Jmii – Member services and Business intelligence manager

CC: Mr. Jules Hébert – Deputy Director