How to manage traffic and reception capacity in downtown businesses ?

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Montreal centre-ville

  • © Photo taken in Brussels, Belgium
Beautiful days are coming, and therefore the traffic in downtown too! It’s a good news for downtown businesses but it is also important to continue to implement and enforce health and distancing measures in businesses and outside. Here are some tips to help you :

Improve the management of customer traffic

Several temporary measures, exceptionally tolerated by the Borough of Ville-Marie, can be implemented outside of your business to ensure good management of customer traffic :

  • Marks on the floor
  • Crowd management cords
  • Outdoor display of distance and mask wearing measurements

In addition, we encourage you, when possible, to identify a person responsible for the management of customer traffic outside among your employees to make aware of the health and distancing measures.

And why not turn to new technologies for traffic management? There are many solutions such as applications for making appointments or for retrieving orders in a smart locker. Discover these different solutions in this article !

Restriction of the reception capacity


As you know, since December 2, 2020, food establishments and outlets of the SAQ, drugstores or any space or stall in markets, especially covered markets, or flea markets are put in the same category as a commercial establishment are aimed at a restriction of the reception capacity.

The reception capacity must comply with the following ratio :

floor area in m² accessible to customers  ÷ by 20m² =

Employees are not included in the number of persons authorized. Moreover, this reception capacity must be clearly, visibly displayed. To this end, you can download a printable sign here. We also encourage you to consult the toolkit from the CNESST to make aware your employees about the measures.