Détail Formation

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Montreal centre-ville

Montréal centre-ville has supported its members for many years in collaboration with Détail Formation, one of the most important training agencies in Quebec. Montréal centre-ville contributes financially to skill development for managers and employees in its area. This partnership allows members to access training courses in their areas of expertise to improve their skills and acquire new ones.

Course offering: As a training agency accredited by the CPMT (Commission des partenaires du marché du travail), Détail Formation offers more than 90 different courses on different topics, such as marketing or human resources management. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Détail Formation, Montréal centre-ville covers certain costs. Click here to see this course offering.

Support and coaching: Are you looking for support to deal with downtown construction projects or establish an economic recovery plan for your business? Montréal centre-ville offers a free coaching program of three to four hours in length to commercial enterprises.

To apply: info@detailformation.com.