Downtown Montreal enjoys tourist zone status

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Montreal centre-ville

In 2015, the provincial government and the municipality announced the granting of the tourist zone status to downtown Montréal.

The advantages of the tourist zone status:

Following a request formulated in 2008 to the City of Montréal by Montréal centre-ville the Downtown Business Development Corporation (SDC), the downtown area was granted the tourist zone status. Thanks to this status, retailers located in the area were able to open without any restriction to take full advantage of the traffic and to establish their own business hours and days of operation.

The extension of the business hours was made not only to answer the needs of the clients, but also to give the possibility to business to adapt their hours according to the context and business opportunities.

Regulations surrounding the status of a tourist area

To take full advantage of the tourist zone status while respecting the rules related to it, we invite you to consult the regulations.

This English translation is for reference purposes only. In the event a difference arises regarding the meaning herein, the regulations shall prevail as the official authoritative version.