Les voisins

  • Friday, 20 January, 2023
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  • Sunday, 22 January, 2023
From 20 to 22 January 2022, come and delight in the laughably absurd situations of the comedy Les voisins!

Where: Théâtre Maisonneuve / Place des Arts

What better way to celebrate Les Voisins’ 40th anniversary than to reenter the absurd world of a group of suburban neighbours who meet without seeing one another and talk without ever listening… until a tragic event derails their “slide-viewing evening.”

Text: Louis Saia and Claude Meunier
Director: André Robitaille
With Guy Jodoin, Marie-Chantal Perron, Jean-Michel Anctil, Brigitte Lafleur, Rémi-Pierre Paquin, Marilyse Bourke, Pier-Luc Funk and Catherine Brunet.