The Jardins d’Hiver

  • Saturday, 5 December, 2020
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  • Sunday, 3 January, 2021
The Jardins d’Hiver – winter gardens – are a magical stroll in Place des Arts for all Montrealers !

Location : Place des Arts

A magical stroll! The Jardins d’Hiver – winter gardens – will delight visitors of all ages, from December 5 to January 3, as they explore a very special trail leading to the big Christmas tree and to cozy little cottages displaying enchanting dioramas. Whether you visit with family or friends, take some time to relax at the Forgerie or the Fabrique, a pair of terrasses featuring a unique and inviting ambiance and festive lighting. Between shopping trips or after a meal from a nearby restaurant, the Jardins d’Hiver of Village de Noël de Montréal will be a great place to take a break and enjoy the beauty of the Holiday Season in Montreal