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According to the ramen Museum in Yokohama, these famous wheat noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth originated in China, arriving in Japan in the late 19th century. Traditionally garnished with ingredients such as sliced ​​pork, nori (the dried seaweed used for making sushi), menma (fermented bamboo shoots) and green onions, today’s ramen is made with countless variations, each as innovative as the next. It’s also a very practical option when it comes to take-out orders.

Discover 5 downtown addresses that will make you a true ramen fan after just one visit!

Kinton Ramen

In 2012 chef Aki Urata opened Kinton Ramen in Toronto, one of the first Japanese ramen restaurants. Quickly becoming one of the most popular in Canada, each location strives to provide its customers with a culinary experience that’s delicious to the last drop. Their famous broth is made by simmering pork and chicken bones for over 20 hours, then adding bonito fish and fresh vegetables, creating an exceptionally rich flavor. The noodles are made with a special airtight mixing technique, creating a unique texture and flavor that compliments the broth to perfection.

1202 Union Street

Kinton Ramen
Kinton Ramen
Kinton Ramen
Kinton Ramen

Tsukuyomi Ramen


Located on Bishop Street, Tsukuyomi offers smooth and delicious ramen served in a snap. Their simple menu makes it easy to choose: a Tonkotsu broth (a vegan option also available), garnished with a selection of quality ingredients and fresh noodles, homemade every day in accordance with Japanese tradition. For the uninitiated, the house offers a selection of unique combinations and delicious appetizers to complete your meal.

1242 Bishop Street

Kumamoto Ramen

Kumamoto Ramen offers you an experience that will give you a new perspective on Japanese ramen culture. The secret to their tasty recipes lies in their broth and noodles made with fresh ingredients using special techniques, then enhanced with simple toppings like cha-shu (grilled pork), green onions, red ginger and sesame seeds. Hakata ramen, which originated in the city of Fukuoka in Japan, has a distinguishing thick white soup made from pork bones, also called Tonkotsu. Another notable difference: thinner, straight or wavy noodles.

1812 Ste-Catherine Street W.


Ramen Misoya

The Ramen Misoya restaurant on Bishop Street offers ramen enhanced with miso, a healthy and tasty condiment enjoyed for generations. An excellent source of protein, miso is a fermented food made with soy, rice (or barley in some cases), and salt. Also rich in probiotics, miso improves digestive health and strengthens your immune system. Come discover a different kind of ramen, always served with a smile.

2065a Bishop Street

Hakata Ramen


Chef Che Gou San took over 30 years to perfect his ramen recipe. The broth is meticulously prepared by simmering chicken, pork bones, vegetables and other secret ingredients for over 10 hours, a process giving the soup a flavour that is both intense and delicate. BBQ pork and ribs are grilled in a similar process, giving them exceptional flavour and tenderness.

1216 Stanley Street