J’adore mon resto!

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Montreal centre-ville

Since March 2020, the situation faced by restaurants has become increasingly difficult. However they have learned how to reinvent themself and how to continue to serve us everyday. In order to support and promote our local dining scene, the festival Montréal en Lumière in collaboration with SAQ has launched a citizens solidarity movement : J’adore mon resto.

Concrete actions

With the movement J’adore mon resto, Montréal en Lumière proposes to us to take concrete action and make a difference for this industry, which is invaluable to our day-to-day lives and to our cultural and economic vitality.

For example, you are invited to share the movement #jadoremonresto on your social media, but also to organize a virtual restaurant night with friends, to have a meal delivered to someone in need, or also to buy a lunch for a healthcare worker near you!

The website J’adore mon resto gives you also some resources to find the best spots near you and remind you that restaurants are open after the curfew, so you can get an order delivered even after 8pm!

Downtown restaurants

Downtown Montreal has an incredible food diversity : either you want to eat indian, chinese, mexican, italian or the best local products, you’ll find anything you desire! Moreover, we have written several articles on the theme « International cuisine » that you can find in downtown, in our Gastronomy section !

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Montréal centre-ville encouraged and supported restaurants from downtown, that’s why we have collaborated with J’adore mon resto, suggesting a gourmet trail presented by the humorist Kevin Raphael ! Good mood, a lot of energy and food are in this video (in French only)!

Let’s together love downtown restaurants and encourage them!