The Jérôme Ferrer – Europea restaurant welcomes you to its new location

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Montreal centre-ville

The Europea restaurant has recently moved to its new location at 1065 rue de la Montagne.

Still managed by Jerôme Ferrer, this new place, now known as Restaurant Jérôme Ferrer – Europea, has a new look and offers a culinary experience that emphasizes discovery, creativity and emotion.

The chef relied on René Richard Cyr to integrate a new ingredient in the restaurant business: staging. Surprise and entertain guests as if they were in a show, while keeping gastronomy in the forefront, that is the goal of the new Europea. To establish this new universe, the management also called on the architectural firm Provencher Roy.

The complex includes a luxury brasserie that offers dishes to share for lunch and dinner, inspired by the four corners of the world, as well as a cocktail bar, the JP Bar, open late in the evening. Not to mention the Comptoir cuisine, which offers lunch boxes and lunch boxes at any time of the day. An Afternoon Tea is also offered every afternoon.