Throwback : 6 Asian treats discovered during Shoni Market

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Montreal centre-ville

Marché Shoni
  • © Montreal, Canada, 10 septembre 2021, Photo lors de la vente trottoir sur Sainte Catherine et Shoni, le nouveau marche de nuit asiatique dans le Shaughnessy Village du centre-ville de Montreal. Photo Thierry du Bois

Did you know that Montreal has a second (informal) Chinatown? Indeed, just a little further west than the official Chinatown on St-Laurent Street is the one located in Shaughnessy Village, on St-Catherine Street. This is where you can find some of the best Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in the city.

To put the spotlight on restaurateurs and introduce these gems of Asian cuisine to as many people as possible, Montreal Centre-Ville organized Shoni Market, a brand new night market where people can have a taste of the best Asian dishes, in collaboration with Yatai MTL Japan Week and Korean festival Pocha MTL. The event, produced by Les Survenants, took place between September 10 and 12 at the Sainte-Catherine Célèbre sidewalk sale and drew a crowd of foodies who wandered from booth to booth from noon to 7 pm.

Shaughnessy Village also found itself invaded by a hundred corgis marching on St-Catherine West, dressed for the occasion. A K-pop dance battle also took place and DJs were present on site.

Photo : Thierry du Bois

Even though Shoni Market lasted only 3 days, it is still possible to relive some of its strongest culinary moments by revisiting the restaurants of Shaughnessy Village.

To inspire you, here are 6 Asian delicacies discovered during Shoni Market that you can try today.

Chef Lee

Sheng Jian Bao

Sheng Jian Bao

A must if you go to Chef Lee, Sheng Jian Bao buns are a Shanghai specialty. This is a type of seared baozi, filled with a mixture of pork or shrimp (your choice). In Mandarin, Sheng Jian Bao means pan-fried buns.

1901 St-Catherine Street

Hot Star

Oversized Crispy Chicken

Hot Star Restaurant takes chicken cutlets to a whole new level. Bigger than your face, Taiwanese large fried chicken are at least 30cm tall, juicy and super tender. It is possible to order the classic version, Korean version or extra cheese version.

 1933 St-Catherine Street


Boba Boba

Bubble Tea


Boba Boba‘s refreshing bubble tea could be found in almost every hand of people passing by at Shoni Market. This bubble tea counter offers premium pearl tea blends, with or without alcohol, made with fresh fruit.

1972 St-Catherine Street

Petit Poisson Dumpling


Dumplings lovers, beware! The vast and delicious selection of Petit Poisson Dumpling is quite impressive, we find there : pork and coriander, beef and onions, shrimps and coriander, chicken and mushrooms or cabbage and mushrooms dumplings.

1813 St-Catherine Street

Le Petit Dumpling

Ichifuku Ramen

Ramen Bowls


Ichifuku Ramen is a Japanese ramen restaurant. Their authentic recipes are a tribute to Japanese cuisine. The fresh noodles are made on site using a specially imported ramen machine from Japan. Everything is handmade!

1925 St-Catherine Street

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