4 businesses in downtown that made sustainable development a priority!

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Montreal centre-ville

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Sustainable development and ecology are at the heart of the challenges of the 21st century. Some organizations offer their solutions and advice to help companies to implement sustainable measures within their operations and some businesses in downtown have already applied them. Discover them !

American Eagle and Real Good Tees

1035 Sainte-Catherine West Street

Last March, the well-known boutique on Sainte-Catherine Street, American Eagle joined forces with the Surfrider Foundation to raise funds, up to $25,000, which will be directly donated to the foundation, via its new collection of “Real Good Tees”.

Real Good Tees par American Eagle

The Surfrider Foundation fights to reduce the impacts of plastic in the oceans, works for coastal preservation, the protection of the oceans, the accessibility of clean water and beaches while protecting them.

For each tee-shirt purchased from the “Real Good Tees” collection, $1 goes directly to the foundation. In addition to having a trendy look this summer with this collection, you are directly contributing to the preservation of the environment!

La Vie en Rose : sustainability in mind

1220 Sainte-Catherine West Street

The famous Canadian underwear brand has also incorporated eco-responsibility into its corporate vision and its products. It offers collections made from organic or recycled fibers, ecological packaging but also eco-citizen behavior for its staff and its business partners! In particular by involving the supply chain in order to significantly reduce the use of plastic bags and the reuse of certain accessories such as lingerie hangers!

The brand is also socially and environmentally committed by donating damaged or defective clothing rather than destroying or throwing it away. But also with their major bra fundraiser which annually raised funds for the benefit of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Each bra collected is given to an organization that protects the environment that helps to minimize landfilling of these bras by giving them a second life!

La Vie en Rose
La Vie en Rose
La Vie en Rose

Les Brûleries Faro

1444 Sainte-Catherine West Street

In March 2019, the Brûleries Faro announced their objectives in terms of reducing their ecological footprint by calling on the expertise of the ADDERE organization in order to make these changes a reality:

Change their coffee cups for BPI certified compostable cups

Reduce the amount of waste by 80% of their roasting center by 2020

Limit the acquisition of coffee from Africa and Asia to less than 20% by 2022

Reduce the fuel consumption of their vehicle fleet by 40% by 2023 by obtaining hybrid or 100% electric vehicles

Les tasses compostables des Brûleries Faro
Les tasses compostables des Brûleries Faro

Brûleries Faro has also had Fair Trade certification since the 1990s making them pioneers in this field in Quebec and Canada.

The North Face

1247 Sainte-Catherine West Street

The North Face brand defines its core mission as “to inspire a global movement of preservation and outdoor exploration”. All is said! Their desire is to share their passion for the outdoors while working to manage their products and operations responsibly.

They have, among other initiatives, a clothing and footwear recycling program “Clothes the Loop” (“Clothes” which can be understood as “Close”, complete the loop). This program allows the brand’s customers to dispose of their worn out or no longer fit clothes or shoes at the North Face store. The brand then assesses their degree of wear and the items collected are either recycled into raw materials to be used in the manufacture of insulation, filler, carpet or even fibers for the production of new fabrics, or they are reused to extend their life.

The North Face
The North Face
« Nous pouvons changer le futur », The North Face
« Nous pouvons changer le futur », The North Face
The North Face
The North Face

This program thus makes it possible to avoid the products being buried, thus reducing their environmental impact. All the benefits of this program go to the Conservation Alliance, an organization that works to protect shared nature and recreation areas. “Clothes the Loop” has made it possible to recover more than 19,000 kilos of clothes and shoes since its inception! And, for each item placed in the brand’s collection bins, the customer is rewarded in the form of a redeemable voucher.


Please note that due to COVID-19, this program is temporarily on hold.