Best spots in downtown for chocolate!

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Easter is just around the corner so we give you our best addresses to find chocolate in downtown! Whether you like chocolate from here or with a European flavor, there is bound to be an address for the gourmet that you are! Discover our best addresses for a chocolate experience!

The chocolate flavor from home!

Chocolats Favoris

150 St-Catherine West Street – Complexe Desjardins

Did you know that the story of Chocolats Favoris began in 1979 on the south shore of Quebec? And it was precisely, at the start, a chocolate factory that mainly made chocolates for the Easter period! While getting inspiration from European know-how, local artisans began to develop more and more products, thus becoming true master chocolatiers and chocolate experts in Quebec!

In addition to the magnificent collection they offer for Easter, we particularly like their kit to decorate your eggs!


Juliette & Chocolat

1626 St-Catherine West street

Juliette & Chocolat is above all the story of Juliette who decides to realize her childhood dream and, in 2003, to open the very first chocolate bar in Quebec!

And every year for Easter, we love the original creations offered! We love Théophile the rabbit, Chantalou the little provençale chicken or even Ricardo the praline ram! A feast for the eyes and taste buds!

Divine Chocolatier

Divine Chocolatier

2158 Crescent street

Divine Chocolatier is a love story between Richard and Jindy and their passion for chocolate! For more than twenty years, it has been an essential address in terms of artisanal chocolate: all the products are handmade using the best cocoa beans and in small quantities, which makes everything even more unique!

Laura Secord

150 St-Catherine West street – Complexe Desjardins

705 St-Catherine West street – Le Centre Eaton de Montréal

Laura Secord is a major Canadian brand of confectionery and chocolates across the country, but did you know that she was a heroine of the Anglo-American War of 1812? It was to pay homage to this woman and her courage that Frank P. O’Connor founded a small candy store in Toronto in 1913, which would bear the name Laura Secord.

We love the vast choice that the brand offers, ranging from chocolate bunnies to small eggs filled with marshmallows! Or even the little Canadian touch with the creamy maple egg! It is certain that Laura Secord will delight the whole family, young and old alike!

Chocolate beyond borders!

Jeff de Bruges

705 St-Catherine West street – Le Centre Eaton de Montréal

Jeff de Bruges finds its origin in France but also in its neighbor, Belgium! Indeed, all the chocolates are made in Belgium except the little marshmallow bears which are made in France. It even seems that the first name “Jeff” is inspired by the song Jef by Belgian singer Jacques Brel!

If you want to offer personalized Easter chocolates, this is the perfect place! Indeed, the master chocolatier offers the possibility of writing a personal message for each little chocolate attention!


705 St-Catherine West street – Le Centre Eaton de Montréal

The international reputation of Swiss chocolate is well established! And the masters in this field are of course Lindt & Sprüngli, Swiss master chocolatiers since 1845! 

Our favorite product for Easter is of course the Gold Bunny which will celebrate its 70th anniversary this year! White, dark, milk or hazelnut chocolate, you have something for everyone with this golden rabbit!

Chocolaterie Léonidas

605 Maisonneuve West boul.

Léonidas chocolate is a Belgian know-how that has existed for more than 100 years and which has been passed down from generation to generation within the Leonidas Kestekides family.

The more gluttonous among you will be delighted for Easter with Léonidas and their large rabbit weighing 400 grams and 5 eggs! Lots of chocolates for lots of fun!

Live chocolate experiences!

In addition to spoiling yourself with boxes of chocolate, you want to push the chocolate experience even further (because you are gourmets like us!), we offer you two sweet experiences in downtown!



1255 Bishop street

“Entering C’Chocolat is to step into a culinary playground that will satisfy your inner gourmand while reawakening your childhood love of sweets” with C’Chocolat restaurant, tone is set!

The concept of this dessert restaurant? Offer you the best chocolate desserts you have eaten in a unique and sweet atmosphere! We particularly like the Choctails, real cocktails of flavors and chocolates!

État de Choc x Uniqlo

705 St-Catherine West street – Le Centre Eaton de Montréal

The famous Japanese brand Uniqlo challenged the chocolate factory État de Choc to imagine a custom-made chocolate bar that would bring together the Japanese roots of the clothing brand with the Quebec roots of confectioners! The surprising and tasty result: a dark maple chocolate bar with grilled miso rice! Just reading this makes your mouth water doesn’t it?

So go to the pop-up store État de Choc in the very heart of the Uniqlo store downtown and discover this little chocolate until April!