Let the trees enjoy their winter!

2 minutes

Montreal centre-ville

An urban forest, summer and winter.

Did you know that the trees displayed on Sainte-Catherine Street this winter are alive?

Always looking for innovative sustainable development solutions, Montréal centre-ville has chosen to adopt a variety of living trees instead of opting for cut ones. In total, 48 conifers with their root systems were planted in pots across downtown. Balsam and concolor firs, as well as white and blue Norway spruce, are installed, alive and well, all along Sainte-Catherine Street. And better yet: when Spring arrives, the trees will all be re-transplanted to continue growing and come back to us next year.

Beware of the grinch !

That said, our beautiful, living trees will only have the chance to grow if they’re treated with respect and care. But unfortunately, they’ve been threatened by a grinch.

Perhaps you read last year that a grinch was hard at work dampening Saint-Laurent Boulevard’s festive atmosphere by stealing their trees? Well, it looks like his attention has now turned to downtown.

This year, in the first week that our winter trees were planted, a mysterious killjoy chopped up a freshly transplanted fir tree on Sainte-Catherine Street West. It just goes to show that no one is safe from the grinch when he’s determined to steal Christmas.


A collective project for everyone’s quality of life

Although our downtown trees may seem tempting with their beautiful towering branches, it’s important to remember that this eco-responsible approach aims to improve the quality of life for everyone downtown. Although it can be easy to forget, these trees are delicate, living organisms that coexist with us in urban areas, help make our cities pleasant and allow us to breathe healthier air.

All the more reason to admire them, take care of them… and let them grow!