• 19/03/2021

Restaurateurs have solutions!

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Emilie Vallières

Emilie Vallières

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Despite the closure of their establishments, restaurant owners and other players in the food industry did not spend the last few months doing nothing. Au contraire. Together, they came up with solutions to survive and enhance their offer.

Giving a second life to culinary waste

A downtown chef has accomplished quite the visual and culinary feat: Aymeric Halbmeyer, General Manager and Executive Chef at the Beaux-Arts Restaurant at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, makes visually stunning gourmet dishes using a zero-waste approach. In his workshop, the chef leads a team of cooks, helping them completely transform the food: “We use every scrap of food, from the root to the stem, from the bone to the skin,” explains the chef. “By showing that every part is delicious, we hope to inspire people to eat differently and eliminate waste.”

© Aymeric Halbmeyer

Pizza brings people together

If you love pizza, why not give La Collective, posted since June on the menus of No. 900, GEMA, Vesta, and Morso pizze­rias, a try. It’s a great way to show support and solidarity for our local restaurateurs! For each pizza sold, the Emergency Fund for restaurant workers gets 3 dollars. This fund was created to help those who have lost their jobs as a result of the restaurant closures. La Collective uses only 100% local ingredients on their delicious pies: homemade pepperoni from GEMA, Italian sausage made with fennel, tomato preserves, an emulsion of parsley oil, and aged cheddar from Riviera. In October 2020, the group of pizzerias provided the Fund with a $28,300 cheque.

La Collective

A dark kitchen grouping

A dark kitchen is a delivery service managed solely online. There is no counter or physical address where to place your order, and no dining room either! Montreal restauranteur Anthony Tzemopoulos adopted the idea, grouping all four of his existing restaurants under the One Kitchen banner. The chef at the head of RD3 Restaurant Group also owns Deville Dinerbar and Reuben’s Deli Steakhouse. In addition to his four restaurateur brought together under a single dark kitchen, he also added four new items to his menu: Greek cuisine, salads, desserts, and fried chicken. One Kitchen gives customers access to a broader variety of food options. Orders are placed via Uber Eats or on Onekitchen.ca.

Fried Chicken Sandwich on Brioche

A guide for good environmental practices

With delivery and takeout orders on the rise, the amount of waste is growing very quickly. To reverse this trend, several Quebec organizations in the restaurant, public health, and environmental sectors came together to discuss the issue. Their reflections have led to the publication of the first Quebec waste-reduction guide intended for businesses, restaurants, and coffee shops. This guide shows that it is possible to use reusable containers without impact on the sanitary requirements. The publication was even revised by the Direction régionale de la santé publique de Montréal. “Following the protocols was very easy, and I never had to skimp on the sanitary or environmental measures to do so,” says Alexandre Dufresne, who uses only reusable containers.