Rien n’arrête la Sainte-Catherine! (There’s no stopping la Sainte-Catherine!)

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Montreal centre-ville

Rien n’arrête la Sainte-Catherine! (There’s no stopping la Sainte-Catherine!) Such is the rallying cry that the city and the Société de développement commercial Destination Centre-Ville have chosen to appeal to residents of Greater Montréal and invite them to continue frequenting Montréal iconic commercial strip.

Rooted in a sense of pride and a desire for progress on Rue Sainte-Catherine, this promotional campaign, launched on August 5, 2019, sets out to emphasize that this storied street, since its inception, has continued to thrive, prosper and grow in spite of all the events and obstacles that have presented themselves along the way!

La Sainte-Catherine: A street that has been revitalized

Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest – one of the world’s most renowned and dynamic commercial strips – is undergoing a metamorphosis aimed at offering Montrealers and visitors alike a welcoming public space and an all-new urban experience in downtown Montréal.

This major revitalization, which started in 2018, will be completed in several phases over a period of close to 10 years, with the gradual redevelopment of Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest between Rue De Bleury and Rue Atwater, of Square Phillips, of Place du Frère-André and its adjacent streets, and of prestigious Avenue McGill College. The modernization of this iconic street and its public spaces stems from a profound desire to transform downtown Montréal in the years ahead.

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