Sonia Guidotti : Performance and events producer, Dotti & cie

2 minutes

Sarah McMahon-Sperber

Producer of the loto-québec célébrations galas sonia guidotti is an events specialist, who today must reinvent her career as a result of the covid-19 Pandemic.

What does working in the events industry during a health crisis look like?

It’s a major challenge. We have to approach and organize events differently, all while making sure people have fun in complete safety. That’s the issue. It’s up to organizers to rethink and redefine events, all while taking into account this new reality.

Concretely, how do you make a covidcompatible event interesting?

One of the solutions is to create what I like to call sub-bubbles. For example, roommates or members of the same household stick together, forming a sub-bubble in which they feel safe. Organizing events during a pandemic is not impossible, it’s just more restrictive. We need to continue to do what we’ve always done: adapt, be creative, and reinvent ourselves.

The santa claus parade, which you were mandated with this year, has been cancelled. Do you have a plan b?

The Santa Claus parade has been a downtown tradition for decades , so we had to save it! We’ve come up with an event we’re calling Les lutins taquins (Naughty Elves). It’s a “seek and find” activity designed for families and which can be done in small groups, rather than large crowds. Children will need to scour the downtown core and find 10 articles of clothing that Santa Claus hung up to dry and which the elves stole and hid all over Sainte-Catherine Street. There will also be a parade of sorts, but the floats will be static, so it’s like the public is doing the parading. There will be a workshop float, where toys can be recovered and repaired, a float where children can mail their letters to Santa, and of course, a float with Santa Claus himself, where people can take photos for Instagram!