The best downtown coworking spaces

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Montreal centre-ville

With chillier weather upon us, staying cozy indoors is looking more attractive than ever. Is there really a negative correlation between your productivity and decreasing sunlight hours? You may just find the motivational boost you need at a collaborative work workspace!

Montreal is experiencing an entrepreneurial boom that’s resulting in seriously high concentrations of creativity per square foot! At last count, somewhere between 1,800 to 2,600 active start-ups were bubbling up in the city, and those numbers don’t take into account the growing number of self-employed workers. Statistically speaking, more than one out of every ten workers on the island doesn’t have a fixed workplace. The result? Shared workspaces are more popular than ever and adapting to all kinds of professional realities.


Leave the insistent staring eyes behind: you know, the ones impatiently eyeing your table at the café where you’ve set up your work battle station. Anticafé, a concept that’s gone global, is a place where you can kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. Coffee, tea and cookies are unlimited here! You can even bring your own lunch. They also host a number of cultural, spiritual and social events each and every week. Upstairs, the 30-person capacity loft is perfect for private events and meetings ($60/hour and up to $600/day).

294, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
Open coworking space $3/hour or $10/day


Centrally located downtown, WeWork exists in 90 cities around the globe. Unlimited coffee and beer certainly don’t hurt WeWork’s popularity! Here, innovation receives a helping hand with artistic surroundings and spaces that are accessible 24 hours a day. Just kick back and relax, everything’s been figured out for you with this simple, turnkey solution.

3, Place Ville-Marie # 400 and 1275, av. des Canadiens de Montréal
Private office: $650/month – Unassigned workstation: $275/month


Café Parvis

The restaurant is known for its incredible food and charming ambiance, but few know that this downtown oasis is also home to workspaces designed in its own image. On your workspace menu: conference rooms, long-term rental offices and shared spaces. There’s also this major perk: you get a discount on in-house eats if you rent for longer periods!

433, rue Mayor
Office space $300/month


Dok Station

This urban lounge hosts various businesses with its custom turnkey service. Hourly, daily, monthly and annual rentals are available, and there’s even a convenient reception area. Conveniently located, this is a great fit if you want a central downtown address and want to meet other fellow entrepreneurs in a collaborative coworking climate.

1176, rue Bishop
Shared space $295/month ($35/day)
Private office $650/month ($80/day)


KIN Coworking

KIN is the very English word for “family relation”, and that is this space’s philosophy. The new kid on the coworking block, it opens its arms wide, so you no longer feel like only child. KIN is all about getting you connected to a network of innovative folks who get together and motivate one another. Featuring a very streamlined, urban look, their space offers you several access points, shared office space, conference room rentals and even a P.O. box if you want one. Private events are also an option at KIN.

397A, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, office 202
Open coworking space $297/month



For those of you who’ve always dreamt of working in a skyscraper—now’s your chance! Regus is a great choice for a temporary office, or that extra space you need when you hire someone short term. There’s even admin support on offer.

2000, av. McGill College, 6th floor
Shared workspace with desk and window between $7.40 and $10.60/day.



No need to go beyond city limits to get some fresh air. Breather offers up charming conference rooms that can host up to roughly twenty people. Their space is also a great idea for smaller sized training courses. The offices are well maintained and organized, perfectly blending conviviality and professionalism.

372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest and other places
$70/hour and $560/day


Text: Fadwa Lapierre

Texte: Fadwa Lapierre