The favourite hot spots of Sandra Ferreira !

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Montreal centre-ville

  • © Caroline Perron
Discover the favourite hot spots in downtown of Sandra Ferreira, General Manager for Ferreira Group.

What is your favourite downtown cultural space?

The McCord Museum. It celebrates life in Montreal, both past and present: its history, people, communities. I’ve been involved with the Museum’s foundation for five years now. Currently, there’s a not-to-be-missed Christian Dior exhibition taking place!

What is your favourite downtown shoppingdestination?

It’s hard to pick just one place! I like diversity… from the Éditorial boutique on Stanley to Club Monaco, Zara, The Bay’s Maje and Sandro departments, Uniqlo for basics, and so much more.

What downtown terrace are you looking forward to celebrating at again?

The Ferreira terrace this summer! I can’t wait! Peel Street will once again be partially closed this year to allow terraces to expand their space. We’ll have a well-equipped marquee, music, and an amazing ambience. Plus all the best fish, seafood, and wine from Portugal!

What festival are you looking forward toattending again?

ALL OF THEM! But if I have to pick just one, I would say Formule Peel during the Formula 1 Grand Prix. I can’t wait to experience the bustling energy that’s always present on warm summer nights… no matter the occasion.

What have you missed most about downtownsince the start of the pandemic?

The action and the human contact. I miss crossing paths with dozens—and in my case because of the restaurants, hundreds—of people every day. Bumping into someone I haven’t see in a long time. Montreal has all the qualities of a large city, with all the charm of a small one.

Your favourite city in the world, and why?

New York… the city that never sleeps! I was lucky enough to live there for two years… such an incredible experience. The culinary scene is simply amazing; I try to visit at least once a year for inspiration.