Downtown Finds with Azamit from SOUK HABITAT at PVM!

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Montreal centre-ville

  • © Alex Lesage
The SOUK, founded by Azamit in 2003,unveiled in December 2020, SOUK HABITAT at PVM.

This is a 9,300-square-foot space to celebrating and promoting Montreal’s design community in a stylistic, modern setting located at the 20th floor of PVM. Housed in the iconic 1 Place Ville Marie building in the heart of downtown Montreal, SOUK HABITAT offers a scenic view of famous monuments and landmarks of the city. Radiating a lived-in feeling, the space conceived by Montreal design firm Machine allows a more intimate shopping experience, presenting in context products created by Montreal designers. Stepping inside, clients will feel like they are perusing a contemporary apartment replete with desirable products whether small pieces or large-scale furniture. Clients can shop everything in their surroundings, with inventory available on hand. In order to provide a safe experience, the SOUK will be utilizing a digital tool to pre-book in-person shopping appointments.