Your own personal stylist

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Montreal centre-ville

Holt Renfrew-Ogilvy, located in downtown montreal, is the shopping destination when it comes to some of the biggest beauty and fashion brands. The store also offers a dream-come-true service. For all you fashionistas out there: personalized shopping, accompanied by professional stylists.

To test Holt Renfrew’s personalized shopping experience, head to the building’s fifth floor. It’ll be hard to resist the dozens of open-air boutiques, filled with luxury accessories and designer clothes, not to mention the vast selection of trendy shoes

The store’s personal stylists peruse all these wonderful sub-boutiques in order to come up with customized selections based on your needs, taste, style, body type, and budget. Need a chic outfit for a special night out? A new work wardrobe? A trendy outfit for the holidays? No problem!

These fashion gurus know how to find just what you need. Their services are available on appointment only and are completely free—only your purchases are billed.

HoltRenfrew 3

Like a luxury condo

 The space reserved for the personalized shopping service resembles Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in Sex & the City… you know, the luxury New York apartment with a wardrobe any fashionista would die for!

Here, five boudoir-style spaces welcome clients, providing them with a private area to try on clothes. Each space offers a breathtaking view of the downtown core, a joint dressing room, and lots of mirrors to admire yourself in!

Moments to be shared

If you prefer to shop as a group, the store also has a larger apartment features a lobby, dining room, and two dressing rooms, making it the ideal place to hang out with friends, celebrate an anniversary, or plan a bachelorette party!

The apartment can also be used to host private events organized in partnership with the store’s featured brands.

Currently, the Italian luxury brand Fendi is using the space to present a collection of exotic pieces.

Something for everyone

A personalized shopping space for men is also available on the fourth floor, which is entirely dedicated to men’s fashion.

With 23,000 square metres of space and wall-to-wall styles to choose from, Montreal’s Holt Renfrew-Ogilvy is the fashion retailer’s largest Canadian store. Its personalized services, gourmet coffee, and L’espace Holt, which promotes Quebec designers, make this boutique one of Montreal’s most popular shopping destinations.