We are ready for the summer season! Learn more about the actions taken by Montréal centre-ville

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Montreal centre-ville

montrealcentreville_Le centre-ville est prêt pour la saison estivale! Découvrez les actions prises par la SDC
As spring sets in and summer is around the corner, the heart of the metropolis is preparing to receive 9.5 million visitors during the high season.

Montréal centre-ville is pulling out all the stops to meet the expectations of these millions of tourists, residents and families.

Several surveys confirmed the priorities of downtown customers and merchants, hence the enhancement of our investments in welcoming and beautifying the downtown core:

Urban furniture and greening: chairs, tables, rest areas will be installed in Shaughnessy Village to allow users to take full advantage of this booming neighborhood. In addition, some 1,000 planters will be installed on the territory.

P’tit Coin network: this network gathers public toilets available in the territory. Currently, 10 members of the SDC Montréal centre-ville are part of this network and open their toilets to the public.

Enhancement of Shaughnessy Village: Our efforts to enhance the Shaughnessy Village, which began in the summer of 2021, will also continue with the objective of enhancing the attractiveness of the area throughout the summer season. Stay tuned!

Regarding the Sainte-Catherine Célèbre sidewalk sale, the new priorities of customers and businesses, combined with a significant reduction in participating merchants due mainly to the lack of manpower, lead us to cancel the holding of this event in 2023.

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